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NNN - This Isn't Going Well

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The Washington Capitals' weakness last night at Air Canada Center should have been their defense, what with four players having started the season in the minor leagues, including one making his NHL debut. - The Washington Post

Terrible AHL callup players like Karl Alzner somehow managed to get the job done against the high flying Maple Leafs. Speaking of Alzner:

"I just wanted to get the puck on net," said Alzner, who grew up a Leafs fan and had his father, Gunther, in the crowd watching his son's first game in Canada. "It took me 86 games to get my first goal in juniors. It took me six games in the NHL. So that shows I'm getting a little bit better."

Ugh. Leafs fan scores his first NHL goal against the Leafs, MLSE is going to start killing the first born child in every house until no one is a Leafs fan anymore.

The Star is oddly prescient, but I think they missed the point:

Leafs Losses Mounting

Schenn out two weeks, Hagman left 'groggy' as Caps take advantage of sloppy trends for win.

First off, every team plays with injured players, for example the Washington Hershey Bears. Secondly, the Star completely missed the "losses mounting" in terms of actual losses. Toronto is 4-9-3 in their last 16 games, that's 11 out of a possible 32 points. Stretched out over 82 games Toronto would finish the season with 56 points.