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FTB - An Ode To A Writing Partner

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You know when you say something off the cuff prefaced by "I bet"? Well, don't do it around Chemmy because that wonderful human being (that's one) will pounce on it like a hungry hyena on a zebra carcass. I've learned my lesson. Of course, now I have to say five nice things about him as penance. This is why the FTB is so late.

  1. Photoshops - He has them. I have neither the program nor the skill but Chemmy makes some awesome photoshops and banners:
  2. Wendel_shutup_medium

  3.  Passion - He's got it. Despite the unfortunate circumstance of being born in Connecticut (silent 'c'? WTF?) he managed to find his way to the Promised Land. There's no one more passionate than a convert.
  4. Spelling - He tries it. Despite not being able to spell colour or humour properly he sneaks in and fixes my ocassional typo like some sort of spell check fairy.
  5. Fun - He creates it. From finding good Mexican restaurants to driving 11 hours in a blizzard to see a hockey game Chemmy is all about fun.
  6. Hard Work - Like any good junior partner, he hustles. Who else would be in almost every game thread while his senior partner pleads no internet? That vacation is well earned.

And now, the links: