I threw up after last night's game. What a pathetic display of officiating. I hate Don Koharski and Mike Leggo. The Maple Leafs were robbed last night. And it hurts.

I was listening to the start of the 3rd period on the radio last night, and Dennis Bayak and Jim Ralph couldn't beleive Walker's goal counted. They said Walker was at the bench mimicking how high he had his stick, and then they gave the goal to Whitney. What a joke. All Jim Ralph could say was, "My god!"

Couldn't agree more, Ralphy.

And Jason Blake's goal was bloody inside the post, and in the net. It should have counted. I was very surprised, when they showed that blown up replay, how that could not have been called a goal. The Leafs get no justice.

If the stripes and the powers that be would have called back Sundin's tying goal, I would have had a serious breakdown.

As for Gleason, I agree completely PPP, it should have been a god damn penalty shot. The rules are clear. He covered the puck in the crease. But no calls ever go the Leafs way.

Now everyone will say that it's typical of me, a die-hard Leafs fan, to whine about the officials, but last night was just too much. The last two games have shown that it's not only the Leafs vs the opposition, it's the Leafs vs the opposition and the refs.  

And the penalty on Antropov was a complete joke. I mean, come on, it was god damn overtime!! Koharski is a...I'm not even going to say it. If Antro's was a penalty, then Brindamour COULD HAVE been called for getting his stick on Gill (I'm not saying it was a penalty, but if Antro's was called, why not Rod's?). Of course, right after Gill couldn't clear it was good old Roddy scoring the game winner.

And now Antro is gone for 3 games. Part of me wishes he hit the refs when he threw his stick. And Pohl is the latest victim to the injury plague.

Who gets the call from the Marlies now? Jeremy Williams? Robbie Earl? David Ling?

I just can't take it anymore. The leafs are a bad enough team as it is, but going up against the stripes night in and night out is taking its toll.

I gotta give some props though. Sundin was, well, Sundin. Another goal and an assist, and a huge goal to send it to overtime. Tucker played his best game in a long time. And Blake has been good too, in the last two games, and he was showing a ton of emotion last night. Losing sucks, and it's taking its toll on everyone. As it should be.

And Maurice deserves some serious props. His players were giving it to the refs as they left the ice (as they should have been) and we all know how mad Maurice was, but he called his boys off the ice. Stay classy, Mo. is a fan community that allows members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Toronto Maple Leafs and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editor of