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From The Branches

So the Leafs are doing their best to suck us back into cheering for them. Well, I'd love to say that you couldn't trick me but if these bastards beat the Sabres, Islanders, and Bruins this week (no OT/SO wins either because those are gifts to your opponents) then the Slide for Stamkos might morph into the playoff push. God help us.

  • Jason and Dave think that Fletcher needs to make a move this week before the Leafs can inevitably pick up those wins. I agree, trade momentum is being lost.

  • Eyebeleaf just doesn't want Antropov to be the one moved. I agree. Screw that 'his value will never be higher' argument because that's a lie. The team can trade Antro in four years after he leads the Leafs to the Cup.

  • Ryan writes Damien Cox's article for him. We get it, the playoffs would be a disaster but who doesn't want to cheer for winning instead of losing?

  • I sent this post to Howard Berger and he said I was a typical Leaf fan trying to rationalize mediocrity. I replied that for a journalist his reading comprehension is not very good. No wonder newspapers are dying.

  • Dave Shoalts is surprised that winning can loosen a dressing room up so much. You know what else will loosen up a dressing room? Knowing that no big trades are coming. I hope it's just the former.

  • Mirtle has the video of Richard Zednik's injury last night. It's not for the faint of heart but thankfully the news out of Buffalo is that he got through surgery and is in stable condition.

  • [Update:] Two Habs arrested for stealing a woman's purse. Notice that the purse was returned light $20. Glove tap to the Four Habs Fans for the story. I wonder if The Omen will write an article about how these two clowns have stained the glorious red, blue, and white? Or what about Guy LaFleur's run-in with the law? Surely, aiding an abetting the corruption of an innocent minor is much worse than sending some nude pictures to a puckbunny right? Where is the outrage!