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From The Branches

Well, yesterday's trade was the big news and hopefully it kicks off two weeks of blockbuster after blockbuster because there is nothing more fun than a good trade. Other than some good wins but we don't want to see anymore of those. Anyway, here's some stuff to read while you are pretending to pay attention in a meeting.

  • Greener has an interview with the Buy The Leafs guy. Little does he know but he just opened up a pathway for me to buy the Leafs. I figure it'll take me 4 years to wrest control away from the other investors. I mean...this is a wonderful idea.

  • David Johnson looks at the Southeast division. Maybe the sens' deal wasn't that good. God that division is terrible.

  • O'Byrne and Kostopolous are being charged by Tampa police. What a hilarious story. Glad to see the Canadiens step up and disci...nevermind, it's just boys being boys I guess. Although, if I have learned anything from Montel Williams it's that things start out with petty theft but pretty soon they'll be turning tricks to feed their drug addiction. It's a sad and slippery slope.

  • Loser Domi catches up with an increasingly belligerent JFJ.

  • Chemmy is going on a road trip. Not a bad choice of venues. Beware of the octopus funk.