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[Open Thread] Toronto Maple Leafs v. Buffalo Sabres

After the jump I have the updated Trade Deadline Schedule which now includes Tampa Bay, by virtue of their win over Montreal and because they could conceivably catch the SE division leading Canes, and Washington. Basically, the entire Southeast Division is in there because they could all just as easily win the division as finish out of the playoffs.

As for tonight's game, D.O. is your SBN source for the Sabres. His game thread is up here. The Sabres' hot streak plus the game being at Alphabet Arena bode well for the Leafs' hopes of losing. Interesting stat - Leafs' PIM leader is Nik Antropov with 78 minutes. Remember when the Leafs' leader was a guy that picked them up with his fists and not with lazy and selfish hooking penalties?

The Leafs and Sabres have only played each other 3 times so far this season so the Leafs have 20% of their remaining games against a team that historically has had their number. This Slide for Stamkos is looking up :) It's also The Captain's birthday today. He turns 37 years young and continues to cement his place as the Best.Leaf.Ever. Here is Ryan's birthday wish for Mats: peace and quiet and here's what I wrote last year. Just make the numbers and records more impressive and enjoy the videos.

Remember to put your SPG Guesses and based on the recent history of the rivalry try to guess how many third period goals the Sabres will score and how deep of a hole they will dig themselves before getting out of it in spectacularly painful fashion.