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[Recap] Leafs 0 at Sabres 1: Human Error

Just a quick note but good call by LeafFanInVan for calling the shutout. As soon as Stralman fell I hoped that the game wouldn't be decided on that play and of course it was partially. The other decisive play was Stajan's pass with 30 seconds left. Dude, SHOOT THE PUCK! Bah.

On the bright side, ottawa lost and the Leafs are closer to that top draft pick.

Morning After Update

The truth is that while the fanatic in me was on the edge of my seat hoping that one of the Leafs' countless scoring opportunities would find it's way into the net or cheering on the seemingly endless parade of blown tap-ins by Derek Roy (I hate the flopper) the rational fan in me was worried that the Sabres weren't going to score.

In the end, it was as good a game as can be hoped for this year. The Leafs played very well and their potential trade assets continued to show that they might be worthwhile pickups at the deadline.

As for the Stajan play, maybe the shot goes in or maybe it doesn't but with 30 seconds left and a clear path to goal you have to shoot. I understand that he was trying to tee up Stralman who was sneaking in from the point but you can't tie the game up unless you put the puck on net and that pass showed some terrible hockey sense. A friend of mine hates Stajan (and I don't really) so that last paragraph will probably make him smile.

Oh, and Chicago won!