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From The Branches

Another tonne of snow means that the morning drive will be spent trying to avoid those idiots that don't realize that you can't floor it when your wheels are half-buried in snow at a light. Anyway, read these to calm down. Remember, if you come across anything or write something that you want to share just drop it in my inbox.

  • MF37 recounts just how obscene an amount of money corporations spend at games.

  • Loser Domi continues her Leafer Madness series. So far Wozniewski has not suffered one tenth of what I did watching him play this year.

  • Steven wants an outdoor game at the SkyDome (that's right Teddy, the SKYDOME) and I think it's a great idea. I can't wait until the league sells tickets for that game in blocks of 50 to scalpers.

  • Kevin McGran tells us about how much the Leafs love Toskala. Based on their tendency to leave him to his own devices I can't imagine that the feeling is mutual.

  • Dave Shoalts gives us a nice look at Dominic Moore. Apparently we have the same heroes: Dougie and Wendel. I assume he loves Mats now too. Harvard educated? We'll see. If he sticks around I won't be too sure about that education.

Here's a video of a crappy Leafs fan. Can't win arguments with senators and Habs fans? Is it really that tough? Leafs Nation will be better off without him. It's you buddy. Good riddance. $10 says he'll be a senators fan in a week just like every other front-runner in this province.