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[Open Thread] Toronto Maple Leafs v. NY Islanders

I figured that I was spending an inordinate amount of time and space updating and posting the deadline schedule spreadsheet and then it hit me: I'm an idiot. I have used Google Documents before but until today it hadn't struck me to use it for this purpose. Anyway, the Deadline Schedule has been loaded and updated so you can take a look at it whenever you want.

Tonight the Leafs host the New York Islanders, the team on that list with one of the best records against their remaining opponents before the trade deadline. The Islanders went into a tailspin recently but they won their last game to put some room between them and the Leafs. Unless they put together a serious win streak they better join the sellers club.

The Leafs' season is in its last throes with a 5 game home stand. They are 8 points and 5 teams out of eighth place. A good performance on this road trip would not only ensure that there is no foolish 'standing pat' or 'playoff push' but that they would move closer to last place in the league. It's sad but that's what would be good for them and we all seem pretty comfortable with that. Conflicted to be sure but comfortable.

Cliff is headed to the GM Meetings which start on Family Day (in Ontario we get Monday off, suckers) where it's expected that trade rumours will be heating up. Hopefully results start breaking in a more distinct fashion so that teams can figure out if they are sellers or buyers. I hate the loser shootout point because it delays the decision process for teams. Not to mention that the Leafs suck at it.

The official preview is still talking about the playoffs which makes sense since it's basically Pravda over there. Take a look at the Leafs' winning percentages when trailing or leading after the first and second periods. Those are terrible and are just more fodder for those that think that replacing Maurice would go a long way towards improving the team.

Don't forget your SPG guesses and don't be afraid to be LFIV bold and go with a shutout. Then again the Leafs have scored 8 or more against the Isles a couple of times since the lockout so who knows what will happen. Oh, and tonight's game is on LeafsTV so most of you will be able to answer Domi's question. Personally, I don't mind it but things never match up with how my imagination pictures the game.