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From The Branches

Phew, the Leafs are that much closer to the bottom of the league. Good game last night and an interesting interview with JFJ. As clark4calder noted, he's eerily detached from the situation. Show some emotion man! Although, now I am really curious as to what his plan was for the trade deadline. I hope he writes an autobiography some day...and someone reads it for me and tells me what happened.

  • Loser Domi wonders how many 5 year olds Sid the Kid could beat up. It's a surprise but I could beat up more and it's probably because I said I would fight dirty if I had to against the kids. Their probably hitting below the belt so eye-gouging has to be fair.

  • Dave asks some fans of other teams what they would give up for McCabe. I think they might be paying a little much but it's a fun exercise nonetheless.

  • Paul Hunter reports that one of his colleagues is brain dead. Just kidding, one of them asked Maurice if it wouldn't be better for the Leafs to tank. Forget for a second that the senators tried that in Daigle's draft year and that karma killed them and him ("No one remembers who was drafted second" oh yeah Nurse Daigle - Chris Pronger). That someone would think to question the integrity of Maurice and his team to their face is unreal. I mean, it must have been The Omen right?

  • Ronaldo's career might be over. Sorry soccer fans, it's the real Ronaldo not Cristiano. I know, I know, what a tease. Back to the rosaries.

  • Eric Duhatschek has a great article about GMs and the deadline. Best news for the Leafs: Burke is willing to trade Edmonton's pick. Please God, no more sports related praying if you give the Leafs the first and second picks in the draft.