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[Recap] Leafs 4 v. Islanders 5: Lazy FTB Edition

I won't lie. I am pumped about last night's results and I am not the only one. I started watching V for Vendetta and then my anti-Leafs (who swears he's a Leafs fan) roommate came home and saw that so I missed the third period but I got the gist. No penalty kill + no powerplay = heartwarming loss. Anyway, here are some links about the game and Leaf-land in general.

  • Kevin McGran could have saved himself some time by using my formula. 20 one goal losses! Unreal. This team could be in the playoffs if not for clenching so tightly in close games.

  • Dave Perkins warns that the Leafs can't tank and bank on the draft to get better. Really? And water is wet. Also, once Maurice plays Raycroft people will say the team is tanking? No, they'll say 'about freaking time'.

  • Mark Zwolinski says that the Slide for Stamkos is all but officially on. Sorry to burst your bubble Mark but it's been on for about a month and a half. Way to have your pulse on the heartbeat of the fans.

  • Moose has some Leafs deadline thoughts. Isn't he an Oilers fan? I guess it's more fun to think about Toronto's top 5 pick than Anaheim's.

  • Dominki agrees that it was once again a pretty boring game. That second period was pretty awful until Stajan scored his brilliant bank-shot.

  • The Deadline Schedule is updated. Last in the East! Rock Bottom? Sure, but the Phoenix burns to the ground before it rises majestically from the flames.


  • Lowetide [via Penaltyshotsca] looks at the ridiculousness of Steve Simmons' last article on Sundin. Line of the post:

Steve Simmons has made his reputation in Candians sports media and there's nothing I can do to damage it further.