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From The Branches - Darcy Tucker Edition

Everybody Loves Darcy but they also wonder why it took some asshat GM trying to depress his trade value so that he could steal Tucker to get him going. In the word's of some guy, the reports

  • The Deadline Schedule shows that some teams have made their GMs' job a lot easier by getting their shit together. Carolina is 3-0 in the run-up to the trade deadline. As a sidenote, ottawa is 0-3. That makes me happy.

  • MF37 reminds us that a lot of the problems begin behind the bench. I wish The Space Cowboy all of the best in his next endeavour.

  • Steve tips his hat to George Gross for getting some production out of Darcy Tucker.

  • Greener has exclusive pictures of Wellwood's training regimen. Hint: It involves rainbows.

  • The Meatriarchy, who runs a delicious blog, wonders just how often "Unnamed Sources" are dumping on players that might be trade bait. Either way, that Unnamed guy is a dick.

  • Kevin McGran has a good article on the underrated Hal Gill. You can certainly see the improvement in Ian White after a year and a bit with him. To be fair to Gill, he didn't start with much but imagine if White was learning from McCabe.

  • The Omen manages to rip Liverpool and the Blue Jays in the same article. I loathe the former but applaud the latter. And he actually mentioned something interesting (there goes the quota for 2008) in reporting that Fletcher met with Les Jackson of the Stars. I like Trader Cliff's strategy - build up the trades of other teams and then scare Burke into trading Edmonton's pick to the Leafs.