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From The Branches - Holiday Edition

Family Day's gotten off to a great start as you can probably tell. Three straight days of sleeping until at least 10am is a nice change from fighting with the snooze button. Anyway, here are some things to read on your day off or while you curse your local government for making you go from New Years to Easter without a long weekend.

  • Kim Jorn writes a great article about that jerk Unnamed Sources. Turns out that there are ethical guidelines and most sports journalists don't follow them. Colour me shocked.

  • Steve gives us all a little ammo for the next time that some loudmouth makes fun of Pavel Kubina and his contract.

  • Kevin McGran suggests that Cliff might have to move Antro or Poni and I suggest he stop writing those kinds of articles.

  • Marty Henwood has gotten into the cups. Hosssa worth more than Sundin? First off, Hossa isn't going to re-sign until July 1st and he'll want some serious coin. Second, Maid Marian loves to disappear in the playoffs. Worth more than Mats? Not on this planet.

  • Andy Grabia and Matt have a great interview with Brad Humphreys about the economics of the new arena that the Oilers and the city council are trying to forcefeed to the city's residents.

  • Rick Westhead looks at some possible new revenue streams for NHL teams. North American fans, notorious for being openminded about anything that is commonplace in Europe, will just love this idea. Traditionalists will likely just step in front of a bus.