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From The Branches

Nothing like a four day work week to put a smile on your face in the morning. The sun shines brighter and the commute is stress free when you know that you're looking at one less day to get to the weekend. Today also means that it's t-minus 7 days to the trade deadline. Cliff is still in Naples, Florida trying to play GMs off against each other in anticipation of the big day. Go Cliff Go!

  • The Deadline Schedule is updated. Those Islanders sure have made things tough on Garth Snow.

  • Rob Del Mundo asks Carlo a few questions but somehow manages to avoid asking him about the bubble he lives in outside of the rink.

  • The Omen thinks that Forsberg's aborted comeback will get things going in the trade market. Will the decision increase Mats' value? One can only hope.

  • Ryan points out that having Mats to mentor the youth makes him more valuable on the team than as fodder for a trade. At the same time, he will bring in a lot more young talent. If Mats leaves and doesn't come back it could be a rudderless ship that those kids embark on.

  • The GMs are talking about rule changes. 1-minute penalties in OT? Ok, I see the logic. Slashing penalties for broken sticks? I hope they are changing it to a non-call. Keeping salary in a trade? Get it passed. Advertising on uniforms? Of course they aren't talking about it.