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Leafs at Panthers: Revenge Night

Day 1 of the post Frozen Five Era begins the inevitably heartbreaking, ultimately fruitless, and great draft pick ruining playoff run begins tonight. To refresh everyone's memory, after two tight wins against the Panthers this season and while coming off of a big win at home over the senators, the last time these two met the Leafs offered up this.

The Leafs currently sit 6 points back of the 8th spot in the Eastern Conference with some teams between them and the promised land so that avenue is a long-shot. What does seem much more likely is that those idiot Leafs are going to blow their shot at a top-five pick. Now, here's a denial from Kubina about Cliff's story. Sounds like a misunderstanding. Still, this is hands down the weirdest season I can remember. Watch the playoff run be successful just like I said it would be before I said it wouldn't be.

The Leafs are safe since Belak doesn't have a visa yet and neither does Kilger. Once again there is a line about his personal life without any clarification. The speculation is irresponsible if he has no idea what he is talking about and pointless unless it directly affects his performance on the ice. On top of that, Kilger's been asked and he has asked the reporters to respect his privacy. Might as well have asked Kyle Wellwood to be the night watchman at a doughnut shop.

In the official preview we get the hilarious comment from Jacques Martin that Kilger will be replacing Richard Zednik. How did Ottawa hold on to Jackie for so long?

And hey, I got Deadspun. Greg gets it almost right but the comma splice ruins the sentence. Kubina and McCabe have not been team captain for 12 years. They are not the franchise leaders in goals or points. They are not going to retire as arguably the greatest player the franchise and it's devoted fans have ever seen. The only thing they lead the franchise in is in ulcer inducing plays. And on the day that a new traffic record was set no less.

Also, don't forget the SPG guesses in the comments. Don't forget, as penaltyshotsca let us know, that Newbury and Williams will be the lineup. Williams has 2 goals in 2 games and is a Don Cherry favourite. Meanwhile, Newbury is just glad that Belak won't be around.