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From The Branches - Post-Apocalypse Edition

So it's the morning after the big day that wasn't quite so big. It is not the end of the world that no big deals were swung. I am ok with step one in the rebuilding process. Step two is the rest of the season in which the open roster spots will give some younger players a shot to show what they have to offer. If Johnny Pohl makes it into the lineup I'll be decidedly unimpressed. Step three is this summer and that's where the focus has shifted as reports of buyouts and lapsed NTCs swirl. Here are some articles to read as you ponder what might have been but for that dreaded acronym:

  • Howard Berger almost wrote a decent article until he dared to suggest that only Darcy Tucker would have regretted being traded. This has to be another case of being willfully stupid to get a reaction. Then again....

  • The Omen is already adding years on to the re-build. Did someone forget to tell him that there is a draft, a UFA deadline, and a summer before next season starts?

  • Mark Zwolinski should forward his article to his colleagues at The Star. Fletcher looked pissed last night and there will be no mercy this summer. Kubina better get the Leafs into the playoffs or he'll end up playing against Manitoba in the Ricoh.

  • Steve looks at what the Leafs could bring in during the 2008 draft. The Leafs have four in the first 70 picks of the draft but they could also package some of the new picks together to move up. It will be another potentially interesting day for Leaf fans.

  • Jason sums up the disappointment well. Although, he must have missed Fletcher's press conference because Antropov is a building block baby! He's not going anywhere. I can sleep easy now.

  • Norte doesn't drop any Spanish (boo) but he likes what the Leafs did considering the circumstances. Of course, tonight Belak is going to be running all of the Leafs and they won't have Belak to defend them. Look out Ian White!

  • Ryan does not like the idea of rentals and suggests a way of evening the playing field. Good thing the Leafs didn't fleece any team yesterday. I would have felt terrible.

So, the countdown begins on Pavel Kubina's career as a Maple Leaf. He has never been as bad as opposition fans wanted to believe but he's angered The Silver Fox and he will probably pay for that this summer. I have heard that Columbus is a beautiful city.