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Leafs 4 at Panthers (SO): FTB Edition

Not only did the Leafs score in the last minute to tie the game when their net was empty but they also won in the shootout. Can someone please tell these idiots to stop playing so well? Five wins in their last six games have catapaulted them out of the running for the top pick in the draft. I'd like to lodge my official complaint with the MLSE ombudsman (or woman) with the current trajectory of the Leafs. Considering the monumental task of making the playoffs, which will only get worse if they get closer to achieving it since the pressure will increase, because it is a detriment to the team.

If the Leafs make the playoffs this year then not only will they have thrown away their best chance at an impact draft pick but they will also lose the impetus for change. If the US election so far has taught us anything it's that change can do anything.

Having said that, I cheered every goal by the Leafs and agonized over the shootout selections (Tomas and Steen again? It's a miracle!) and began figuring out what the Leafs' record has to be to make the playoffs. Mirtle tells us that the Leafs need to go 13-3-1 to close out the season and hit 92 points which is the predicted barrier for the playoffs in the Eastern Conference. Look at that team and tell me that it will happen. No dice. I am not endorsing this course of action.

As for the highlights, obviously Mats being Mats was pretty sweet and Jeremy Williams is now officially Don Cherry's hobby horse. If that kid gets demoted Grapes will probably have a heart attack Saturday night. So that's 3 goals in 3 NHL games in 3 years. I hate to extrapolate...but that's 17 more goals this year for the kid. Who says the Leafs don't have any prospects? Onto the links:

  • Jason hates parity. Me too. Last night we said that the Leafs had made it to 'bullshit .500'.

  • Steve outlines just how difficult making the playoffs will be for the Leafs. Can we e-mail this to them?

  • Eyebeleaf offers his summary of the trade deadline. You know what? I'll miss Wade too. Weird.

  • Kim Jorn highlights the innuendo, rumour, and hearsay from our fair city's media. Isn't that supposed to be the domain of bloggers? The closeted Steve Simmons (see, it's not nice to have innuendo, rumour, and hearsay thrown your way is it Steve?) had the money quote of the day lamenting the fact that the Leafs had an attractive female masseuse. In the words of the late Mel Blanc "What a maroon". Speaking of people that have no business writing about hockey...

  • Dave Feschuk takes a litany of pot-shots at Leafs fans, Cliff Fletcher, Mats Sundin, and any team that has ever finished last in any sport since they've all clearly tanked on purpose. You want truth Feschuk? How about you start writing columns every day tell Raptors fans that their team is soft, has no real centre, can't rebound and if they manage to not curl up in fear at the prospect of playing in the playoffs like they did last year they won't get past the second round. Point out that those things are so obvious that Raptors fans should boycott the team until they do something to address their glaring shortcomings. Call them idiots for supporting a team that has no chance at a title. Write that article Davey and then you can criticize Leaf fans. Until then, can one of the sports editors please give these guys a refresher course in journalism?