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[Recap] Leafs 2 at Lightning 3 (OT): Damn, Woo-hoo!, Damn

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It was an interesting roller coaster of emotions that I went through tonight. I would imagine that most fans went through a version of this:

  • Hockey game or dinner? I'm going out for dinner and winter storm be damned.

  • Hmmm I should get back to the game...I have to make sure that they are losing.

  • 1-0? Perfect. 2-0 after two periods? We're on course.

  • Ok Steener. Pad those stats. You're contract's already been signed dummy. I hope that they don't score another one. I'm a little nervous.

  • WOO-HOO!!! Jason Blake you beauty! What a pass by White! Alright boys let's finish this off!

  • Penalty in OT? Dammit.

  • And that's all she wrote...crap.

So according to Mirtle that means that the Leafs have to go 13-3-0 to hit 92 points and make the playoffs. Of course, no way that this team only loses 3 times for the rest of the year so 10-0-6 also works which leaves them with a bit more flexibility. Of course that means no regulation losses so they can't lay any eggs like the game against Buffalo which ended 5-1 or the one against Florida that resembled my golf score on any given par 5...err 4...and the occassional par 3 that runs off the rails.

The real news from tonight came from Darren "I can be all of the Insider that Mackenzie is" Dreger who suggested that Mats was considering the following:

  1. Returning to the Leafs

  1. Retiring from the NHL

  1. Returning to the NHL with another team

  1. Returning after part of the season had been played

Hold the phone! If Mats "I love the Leafs and can't picture myself anywhere else" Sundin returns with another team all of the fans that have defended his decision from the ravenous media would be left feeling betrayed and stupid. Dreger intimated that Mats was going to be looking for market value (ie around $7.5M) and if the Leafs low-balled him he would retire or offer his services to another team. Now, I don't believe Dreger. He worked at Sportsnet so his resume is tainted as far as I am concerned. But...what if he is telling the truth?

Before I forget, this story is hilarious. As if wasn't funny enough now MLSE is scrubbing the ACC clean of anything that implies that Richard Peddie is clueless about hockey. I guess the next step will be to have the Leafs play at Ricoh Coliseum.

Also, Feschuk is still an idiot for suggesting that teams tank on purpose. If it happens just be glad that it did but to suggest that professionals should attempt to lose is ridiculous. Tonight's third period would have been a great time for the Leafs to look at their sub.100 winning percentage when trailing after two periods and decide to mail in the third period. To their credit (and detriment) they played their little hearts out. Too little too late in the game and it'll ultimately be a case of too little too late on the season.