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From The Branches - Quadrennial Edition

Did I just make a word up to describe this post? Maybe but it sounds real doesn't it. Or is it real? Who knows and who cares. Today is a freebie day. You can do whatever you want since it's not a real day. Historically the Leafs have decided to win. They are 8-1 on February 29ths. Not only that but they have won 5 of their last 6 and are 11-5-1 in their last 17! Normally three streaks plus their opponent being terrible would be a recipe for a loss but it's the 29th of February, anything goes. Anyway, here's some stuff to read while you take the day off of work because you signed a contract for 365 days dammit.

  • Joe Pelletier tells the story of the man that kept Mats from waiving his no trade clause. Dear Borje, why do you hate the Leafs?

  • Sean is suffering from being around too many sens fans. Mats is like the Pope, infallible.

  • Steve has a plan for the summer and it involves a remarkably small number of buy-outs. I think it's got legs. I'll ruin the surprise though: tata Bryan, Razor, and Belly.

  • Norte is confused. Actually, I am too but I like being able to bitch about the Leafs. I feel like I am tricking them and if they knew I wanted them to win they'd start breaking my heart again...oh shit.

  • The Omen makes up cutesy nicknames just as good as any blogger. "Muskoka Five" and "the 1967s" are pretty good but isn't he supposed to be above that since he's a journalist? At least his mailbag isn't all MEGADITTOES this week.

  • Matt has his latest baseball standings. It's the closest the Jays will be to the playoffs all year.