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From The Branches

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Ok, so I guess the name stays. Here are this morning's links:

  • Loser Domi has the latest installment of the JFJ post-firing suicide watch. Stupid licorice guns.

  • Dave Shoalts delivers some...good news? The Leafs have gone 7-11-3 since his injury December 15th. Last year he played all 82 games and in 2005-2006 the Leafs went 1-7-1 in the 9 games that he missed with a groin injury. Over the past three year the Leafs have gone 94-70-24 (.564 of available points earned) with McCabe in the lineup and 8-18-4 (.333) without the salary anchor dressed. It's that damn trickle down effect.

  • Howard Berger takes a look at all of the Leafs' players. Decent evaluations for the most part but so wildly off-base on Steen. No appreciable improvement? No willingness to compete? Working Class Howard needs to get those glasses fixed.

  • Kevin McGran thinks that the no-trade clauses JFJ gave out like party favours will hamper Fletcher's ability to make deadline deals. Shouldn't the players want to be where they are wanted? Aside from Mats, none have earned the right to stick around if asked to leave and if they do it shows that they aren't interested in winning. I wouldn't buy them out either. This might be a two-year salary dump.