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Prayers Answered!

I don't often check the Ice Chips on TSN but MF37 alerted me that it held some wonderful news: Our prayers have been answered!

Andy Fucking Wozniewski, aka Herpes, aka Make-A-Wish, aka the number one reason that beer glasses would fly into my wall every other night has been waived. He'll go down to the Marlies and ruin their chances at a Calder Cup and in a year or so he'll be waived to the Memphis River Kings or whatever southern backwater hosts the Leafs ECHL squad.

Here's the daily prayer that I have been saying that appears to have been answered:

Our Interim GM, who art in the press box,
Cliff be thy Name.
Thy rebuild come.
Thy trading will be done,
On deadline day as it is in the off-season.
Give us this day our daily rumours.
And forgive us our booing,
As we forgive those who run up scores against us.
And lead us not into more rebuilding,
But deliver us from losing.


Update [9:00PM]: Loser Domi provides both a eulogy for Make-A-Wish's career and a great clip analysing his play. Are you shitting me indeed. What fan didn't gain a modicum of hope for their nascent NHL careers by watching the lost puppy that was #56 in your program.

Tonight we honour the career of Andy Wozniewski. Andy played for our beloved team, the Toronto Maple Leafs, and while his time with us was relatively short, he gave us so many fond memories. How we all laughed as we named him "Herpes" and "Make-a-Wish." How we rejoiced at the idea of his card selling for 49 cents on eBay (Momma Make-a-wish loves her boy.) Tonight, I raise a toast to Herpes.