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From The Branches

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Wow, the city just got dumped on as badly as the Leafs did last night. There's nothing like waking up, walking outside, and not being able to see your car because it's buried in snow. It's great when a fun 10 minute drive to work can become 75 minutes.

  • Ryan is upset after last night. The players are losing trade value and Toskala isn't that good. All of that writing must have been a cathartic activity.

  • Eyebeleaf no longer beleafs. That was an unfortunately timed e-mail considering last night was the night that the Leafs decided to give up on the year too. I LOVED when the fans started cheering the Panthers.

  • MF37 thinks that maybe the Leafs misunderstood the Panthers promo for the television sets.

  • Greener thinks that the Leafs have hit bottom. To be fair, most fans agree. I have to disagree. That 12-0 beating the Habs are going to lay on the Leafs Thursday is going to hurt much much more.

Dear God that was a trainwreck last night. Poor Maurice couldn't bench the entire team. I don't even know what to say. Those clips said it best.