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Woo-hoo! Big win last night. LA and Tampa won which means that the win didn't even hamper the Leafs' shot at last place. The Habs look just like another rival of ours - the senators. Montreal basically has a one-line offence, questionable defence, and hot goaltending that is not playoff tested. Wasn't that the ottawa senators during each of the four eliminations at the hands of the Leafs? Montreal may be going to the playoffs but it'll be a short trip.

Anyway, here are some things to read on this glorious morning:

  • Loser Domi peeks in on JFJ's continued attempts to end his misery. Are emo kids the answer?

  • Joe Pelletier takes a look at a former Leaf, Al Iafrate, whose career ended far too soon and was hampered by injuries. He's another in a long list of 'what if's that have patrolled the Leafs' blueline. Is it cursed?

  • David Johnson wonders if Paul Maurice is the right coach for the Leafs. I used to think so but more and more I am questioning his decision-making.

  • Greener predicts that last night's game will hilariously lead to a winning streak. Six points out...26 games to play...One motivated Captain...WE ARE IN THIS! Oh God...I am not on board with this new plan.