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[Recap] Leafs 1 v. Devils 2: Brutal Incompetence

If you come here often you'll notice I have the habit (maybe a bad one?) of repeatedly saying that this or that sums up the Leafs' season. The truth is that in such a terrible season anything bad that happens allows you to put a pretty little bow on the season. Saturday night was no different as you could look to the Leafs' bad luck (3 posts in 8 minutes or so), up and down goal scoring (1 goal after scoring 8 the previous game after scoring 1 in the game before that one), bad line changes (more on that later), terrible defensive work (Dear Mssrs. Colaiacovo and McCabe: STOP PLAYING GOALIE AND HIT SOMEONE!), and late blown games.

There's a lot more but that's just off the top of my overly tired head (stupid DST). Realistically, I knew that the game was over when Greg Millen said "all the Leafs have to do is not allow a goal in the last 2:38 to ensure themselves a point". I immediately screamed and told my cousin that the Leafs were doomed to give a goal up. When McCabe had the puck in the final minute I pleaded out loud for him NOT to fall down. He must have thought we were playing Simon Says.

So the Leafs need 11-1 to make the playoffs which would be a miracle on par with justice ever being done to Cheney and Bush in this lifetime. The Leafs are 8 points out (with an extra game played) and two imminent beatings by Philadelphia upcoming. Do not be surprised when the Leafs, after two pastings by the Flyers, finish the year 10-0.

To pass the time until you can go back to bed here are some posts by other depressed people. The snow certainly isn't helping...

  • MF37 has a neat number for us: 3. That's how many times stupid line changes (ie Tucker and Blake on the ice in the last minute) have cost the Leafs' games. That only counts the ones that cost the team any points. I would add the Islanders game that Raycroft started that had Wellwood and Blake on the ice giving up a goal with about 10 seconds left.

  • Eyebeleaf thinks that a penalty should have been called on the last goal. I agree: two minutes to Carlo for being an idiot and trying to tuck the puck under Toskala instead of turning around and hammering anyone looking to get within 10 feet of the crease. Another penalty to McCabe for, not quite matching the embarrassment of an own goal, falling down despite being an NHLer and then standing in the corner as his man hammered home a rebound.

  • Norte's confused. While Kerry Fraser is indeed a c-word he isn't responsible for Carlo and McCabe's sightseeing expedition to the front of the Leafs' net.

  • Steve has a lot of suggestions that won't get used. Hopefully, some kids get sent back to the Marlies so that they can push for the Calder Cup. Hey, at least it would be a hockey championship in Toronto. Yeah, I know, very sad indeed.

  • Mirtle explodes the 'injuries killed us' meme again. No, crappiness killed you guys.