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[Open Thread] Leafs v. Flyers: Deliver Us From Evil

The deciding games are finally upon the Leafs. The Muppet feels a zen-like calm come over him as the charade of playoff contention is 60 (or 65 or 65 + a shootout) minutes away from being exposed as a newspaper driven fraud. Then we can see the Leafs actually following The Omen's good advice. Take a breath, the article still has some shots at Steen and Stajan and the idea is only about 1 month too late but at least he's acknowledged that kids need to play more.

What's likely to happen in tonight's game? The Leafs will get run by the dirty players on the Flyers, who loved Downie's sucker punch, no one on the Leafs will step up, and someone small will get injured. The official preview uses far less drastic terms. A loss 'may' end the team's hopes says Pravda. I guess they haven't seen Mirtle's playoff push post.

Anyway, try to guess how many times you wish Belak was still with the Leafs because someone needs to fight a Flyer and put your SPG guesses. It's almost kick-off time for the Liverpool game and that's about all I can muster up the strength to care about right now.

Go Leafs Go!