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From The Branches

So today is the day when my team can either fold up like a cheap tent or they can take one more step towards eternal glory. No, I am not talking about the Leafs. The most successful club in English football (take note Alec) travels to the San Siro in Milan to play the second leg against Internazionale Milan in their round of 16 Champions League tie. Liverpool goes in with a 2-0 lead after a victory at Anfield that left things a little late. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love seeing Italian teams lose so this could be a super day. Watching the world's best striker and the world's best midfielder suit up for your team is a special privilege.

Of course, tonight's game will temper my hopefully buoyant mood. The Flyers may be banged up but once Riley Cote is done with the Leafs so will the buds. Until the open thread here's some things to read before Fernando Torres bangs in a pair to leave Inter fans crying over their tiramisu. P.s. to any Inter fans, this isn't 1965 and your team has not bought the ref again so in the words of Bobby Knight just lay back and enjoy yourselves.

  • PSC hopes that Little Mosque on the Prairie won't suffer because of the Leafs' absence in the playoffs and the attendant decline in CBC ratings. Also, LFIV brings up a good point: SAVE MVP! It's like watching what your life could have been like if your coach had just put you in. You coulda won provincials!

  • MF37 wonders what other sins MLSE have perpetrated other than torpedoing Canadian television. I always knew that Cheney needed an evil partner. Chemmy jumps in with a great photoshop.

  • Godd Till wonders why all is quiet on the mittenstringer front. He's inviting predictions on who the Leafs are likely to draft (based on incompetence not reason) and my guess is Mikhail Stefanovich. Just read his bio: A real wild card, a high-end mercurial offensive talent who is top 10 on some lists, not in the first round on others. That screams TO.

  •  Ryan wonders why Raycroft is still around. That makes about 8 million of us. Free Raycroft!

  • Steve actually imagines a scenario where the Leafs could win both games against the Flyers. To his credit, he doesn't seem to have written that half of his post while under the influence of heavy narcotics.

  • Sean reveals his three step plan to the rest of the season. About 2 more games and we'll get to see if it jibes with the Leafs' actual plan.