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From The Branches - Pipe Dream Edition

The Battle of Alberta was my initiation to the world of blogging. I can't even remember how I managed to come across the site but it was during the Oilers' failed playoff run and I was instantly hooked. They are among the best hockey sites and were the ones that introduced me to some of the concept of scoring rates and advanced statistics. The latest contribution that they have made is Sacamano's Playoff Predictor.

The great Excel spreadsheet lets you manipulate the run-in of games to see what the final standings might resemble (hint: the Leafs make it). You can download an Eastern Conference of the Playoff Predictor thanks to 4shared. Enjoy wasting time until the weekend trying to figure out just how often the Bruins need to blow it against teams like the Lightning for the Leafs to have a little more breathing room.

Also, check out Greener's letter to the Leafs on behalf of everyone. I agree, fuck Stamkos. Go Leafs Go!