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[Recap] Leafs 2 v. Sabres 6: Last Chance Motel

You're probably wondering what the hell is at the top of the post. Well, through the good graces of Microsoft, I was able to make a mobile post using my cell phone. Yes, that eloquent and articulate voice to hear dripping with zip and verve is my own. I have a newfound respect for on-air personalities because even with 5 takes that was my best one.

As you can tell by my dejected voice I had actually begun to be-leaf that the Leafs weren't just toying with us. They must have seen the score from the Bruins-Flyers game and begun to believe in their chances as well because they played as well as they usually do in big games. It didn't help that Nik Antropov joined the Captain in the dressing room early on in the game but the team had already come out flat.

Derek Roy's wonderful leaping abilities helped set up the Sabres first goal before Ian White responded with a seeing eye goal that got past Ryan Miller who was generally terrible on the night. Unfortunately, the Leafs were unable to capitalize. Not only didn't they take advantage of Miller's bad play but they gifter the Sabres a number of goals. Immediately after the White equalizer they managed to end the period down 2 goals both scored after terrible attempts at clearing their zone.

The Leafs actually looked to be on their way to a third period comeback when Jiri Tlusty slammed home a rebound on the powerplay to make the score 3-2. Unfortunately, White's brilliant hockey sense told him that rather than stay on his side of the ice on a 3-on-2 he should fly over to stand at Kaberle's side. Leafs management is currently looking into putting invisible fencing under the ice at the ACC to deal with White's wanderings.

One flukey fifth goal later and the exodus was on at the ACC. Not only were denizens streaming to the exits but after Maurice pulled Toskala with almost 5 minutes remaining a pocket of fans started "Maurice Sucks" chants. Hard to argue with that although as I recount in my baritone voice one lone voice did and it quickly escalated into hand gestures and vituperative outbursts. No surprise that one guy had an Italian last name and the other looked like one of the Sopranos. Unfortunately, these two clowns were too far apart and despite my chants of "Fight! Fight! Fight!" they just walked away.

So the Leafs now have used up the two points that they could give away. One more loss and the suffering is over for another year. The zen of hockey fandom is in full force.