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From The Branches

So the playoff race tightened over the weekend as the Leafs watched their hopes slip away Saturday night. They now have zero points to give away. Normally this kind of pressure would make the Leafs implode but there were enough "It's Over" articles Sunday that the team might have been tricked into thinking that it really was over so we can expect 9 straight wins to end the season. Not that it'll matter since the Panthers are on the kind of roll that the Leafs will have to match to make the playoffs. Wait, if the Panthers can do it why not the Leafs?! Anyway, here's some stuff to read while getting excited for nothing.

  • Eyebeleaf reacts to the news that the Canadiens had put together a pretty good package for The Captain.

  • Robert L, from one of the best Habs' history sites (I know, I know, disgusting), talks a whole lot of crazy with regard to signing Mats in the off-season. Sure, Bruins fans were happy that Bourque won a Cup in Colorado but they weren't the Bruins' fiercest rival for the past 80 years.

  • Steve looks at some depressing numbers now that Sundin and Antropov are hurt. Dammit, he almost made it all year without getting hurt. Stupid bionic knees. I bet their warranty just expired.

  • Norte recalls watching old peelers in Montreal and fearing for his life. It somehow relates to how the Leafs have no real leaders on this team past Mats.

  • Here's something to make you smile while drinking away the pain today.