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[Recap] Leafs 3 at Islanders 1: Oh Dear God

Sometimes you have to see things to believe them (LeafFanInVan via Mirtle):

I spent the rest of the game praying that it wouldn't end 1-0 while two squads shorn of most of their offensive talent tried their best to make a throwaway end of season game one of the more traumatic in recent memory. The prayers were answered (why always the useless ones?) as Kyle Wellwood, yes Poppin' Fresh himself, deflected an Alex Steen shot home. Pavel Kubina then hammered home another GWG past a perfect screen set by Alex Ponikarovsky. Poni then sealed the game after a pass from Steen left him all alone with an empty net and this time no one stripped him and scored on the Leafs. PSC should write angry screeds about each of the Leafs before every period.
In the end Vesa Toskala was able to join the ranks of the unbelievably unlucky. He's in some decent company:

Tommy Salo versus Belarus - 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics

Martin Brodeur - 2003 Stanley Cup Finals

Ty Conklin - 2006 Stanley Cup Finals

Rock 'em Sock 'em 17 Bad Goals Compilation

On the bright side, Toskala shook it off and the Leafs kept pace with the Flyers. The dream lives on!...for one more game at least.