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From The Branches

  • Chemmy quickly summarises all that the Leafs could have picked up if the Muskoka Five had accepted their exile from Toronto. Stay away from sharp objects for the rest of the day.

  • Thoughts and prayers go out to the Pohl family as John's brother Tom had to have surgery after picking up a skull fracture during a game at the University of Minnesota.

  • Steve has some background on the Leafs' latest call-up Alex Foster. Sounds just like the kind of player that the Leafs have in spades. I like those 5 shorthanded goals though.

  • Kim is back! About time. While it took Cox about 50 seconds after the end of the presser announcing Fletcher's hiring as interim GM to try to criticize him apparently it'll be 18 months before the new GM gets the Cox Treatment. Also, Rosie DiManno and Bob Costas are crazy old coots.

  • Greener confirms what I thought: Drew Stafford is a dirty POS. The problem with being at the game is that those incidents aren't replayed. I assumed that that was what had happened since his coach is also a POS but I couldn't confirm it. Also, Greener is on the "Ride Wellwood Out of Town on a Gummi Rail" bandwagon. I'll wait until he spends the summer wading in his pool of sugary kool-aid cathing gummi fish with his licorice fishing rod before giving up on him.