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From The Branches

Sorry for the delay but it's been a busy little morning with lots of people disturbing me at work. What's the deal with that? Answer your own questions people. It's called initiative.

Anyway, here are some thoughts that passed through the minds of the Leafosphere:

  • Sean is still in shock at one of the flukiest goals in Leafs' history.

  • Eyebeleaf is keeping the faith until Friday which makes sense. That way you can see your dreams ruthlessly cut to ribbons by back-to-back losses to our closest rivals (geographically).

  • Oh yeah, the season is winding down so you know what that means? A previously healthy Carlo Colaiacovo has picked up an injury to a leg. I am going out on a limb (not really) and I'll guess that it's serious, requires surgery, and means that he'll spend all summer and most of the first quarter (at least!) of next season re-habbing.

  • PSC highlights a good article about the Predators. You're welcome Nashville for the gift of a hockey team.

  • The Omen has gotten better about posting comments that disagree with him which is a nice change from the MEGADITTOES that used to permeate his 'blog'. He could still stand to speed up the comment approval speed. Gotta love how many "FanHouse/G&M" style commenters he gets that have no clue what is going on. They must feel like they've found a leader with Damien.

  • Chemmy highlights just what this inter-divisional play means for the Leafs. Their playoff hopes hinge on the Thrashers and Lightning (14th and 15th in the East) and the Leafs' consistency doppelganger Carolina (7-1L to Buffalo, 5-1 against ottawa the next game). Oh, and the strength of schedule will kill the Leafs too. Hooray!

  • Greg Wyshynski is my new best friend. That brilliant YouTube compilation (thanks strangers on the internet!) ended up in Deadspin's NHL Closer AND AOL's Ice Sheet. Those are kind of big deals. Alas, I couldn't find the one video I wanted: Cloutier letting in Lidstrom's long-range effort in the playoffs. Marc Crawford must have taken it down.