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Watching The Playoff Race

Some of you will be happy to know that I have finally updated the SPG competition. It's pretty tight at the top. Obviously I am winning since I invented the game but the good news for the chasing pack is that I can't win my own competition. If you haven't joined in yet or have only sporadically made guesses then there is still plenty of time to join. If nothing else it makes the games a bit more interesting for a while as you see if you've guessed correctly. Next year I'll have to think of a way where it can't potentially end in the first minute of the game.

Anyway, tonight there are three games that directly affect the playoff race (TB @ BUF, CAR @ ATL, WSH @ CHI) and one that only mildly has an effect (NYR @ NJD). Ideally, the games would work out like this:

  • Tampa Bay pulls off another stunning upset with a Mike Smith-inspired win over the Sabres.

  • Carolina beats the Thrashers in a tight game that gives the Thrashers the confidence to beat Florida and Washington in their upcoming games while Carolina gets the kind of scare that makes them work extra hard against the same two teams.

  • Chicago's twin ROY candidates lead the team to a win over the Capitals and Overchkin gets hurt enough to miss games but nothing serious beacuse I really like the guy but hey, it's the Leafs' playoff chances.

  • Another tight game that gets both teams amped up to crush the Flyers more so than they must already get before every meeting with the dirtiest team in hockey. Ideally, something would happen to wake Jaromir Jagr the hell up.