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Still Dreaming

Some people really (still dreamin')
Some people really (make ya scream out)
Some people really are (still)
Still dreaming (st-still dreamin')
(Some dreams stay dreams some dreams come true)
They are still dreaming
(Some dreams stay dreams some dreams come true)

Now, Nas is clearly no Jay-Z. In fact, the hardest thing he ever slung was aspirin but those are the lyrics from his song "Still Dreaming" with Kanye West. Sacamano put together a set of Plausible Predictions that showed a path to the Oilers getting a little bit closer to the playoffs. The Muppet takes a look at what a perfect night tonight might resemble.

However, in honour of the never say die brigade (which I join from puck drop through to the final whistle) here are the next few night's games and how they might break and how that would help the Leafs. It's mostly realistic except that I am pretending that the Leafs will beat ottawa AND Buffalo...on the road...without Mats or Antro:

Thursday March 20

  • Canadiens beat Bruins (in Boston)
  • Hurricanes beat Panthers (in Florida)

Friday March 21

  • Maple Leafs beat Sabres (in Buffalo)
  • Thrashers beat Capitals (in Atlanta)
  • Rangers beat Flyers (in Philadelphia)

Saturday March 22

  • Maple Leafs beat senators (in ottawa)
  • Canadiens beat Bruins (in Montreal)
  • Panthers beat Lightning (in Florida)

Sunday March 23

  • Flyers beat Islanders (in Philadelphia)

That would leave the standings on Monday morning as follows:

Rank Team GP Wins Points
7 Philadelphia 76 37 84
8 Boston 75 37 83
9 Buffalo 75 35 81
10 Washington 76 36 80
11 Florida 76 36 80
12 Toronto 76 35 80

Suddenly the playoffs don't seem so out of reach with one more game against the Sabres left and two against the Bruins. Maybe I'm still dreaming...I wonder what Jim Mora thinks: