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From The Branches

Well, so  much for Mike Smith doing us a favour. Six goals in the third period? Where have we seen that before. On the bright side, the Capitals blew a huge chance last night by losing 5-0 against the Blackhawks. Those results really highlight a point that my uncle made the other day. One of the reasons he still believes that the Leafs can make it is because the other teams just aren't that consistent. Aside from Florida who is once again morphing into a strong team at the death the others are throwing away or almost throwing away points. The Sabres were down to the 29th ranked team in the NHL. The Capitals lost to a team that's not doing much better. Maybe they'll collapse...while you hope for it here are some articles to read.

  • Loser Domi finishes her Leafer Madness series. Prepare the pitchforks.

  • Sean looks at the league's fuzzy math. The Leafs AND senators could win the Battle of Ontario?

  • Steve looks at some camparables for Steen's current development trajectory. They look pretty good.

  • Antropov is out for a week and might need surgery? NOOOOOOOOOO! He almost made it.

[11:45am Update]

  • Surprise, surprise, Carlo is out for the season. Who had 28 games in the pool? Four to six weeks to recover leaves him looking at the end of April for a return to training for next year. That's assuming that the Leafs' crack medical team diagnosed the injury correctly. This will be the longest time that he'll have had to get ready for a season in a long time. I imagine he'll be travelling the world looking for all of the charms and amulets possible to try to string together at least half a season of hockey.