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More Plausible Predictions

First off, congratulations to Vesa Toskala for being named the NHL's second star for his work last week. He went 3-0-0 with a 2.00 GAA and .940Sv%.

Here's a look at the last set of plausible predictions:

Thursday March 20

  • Canadiens beat Bruins (in Boston) Canadiens win
  • Hurricanes beat Panthers (in Florida) Hurricanes win

Friday March 21

  • Maple Leafs beat Sabres (in Buffalo) LEAFS WIN!
  • Thrashers beat Capitals (in Atlanta) Capitals win
  • Rangers beat Flyers (in Philadelphia) Flyers win. Damn Jagr.

Saturday March 22

  • Maple Leafs beat senators (in ottawa) LEAFS WIN!
  • Canadiens beat Bruins (in Montreal) Canadiens win in SO
  • Panthers beat Lightning (in Florida) Panthers win

Sunday March 23

  • Flyers beat Islanders (in Philadelphia) Flyers win

Those results have left the standings in the race for the playoffs as follows:

Rank Team GP Wins Points
7 Philadelphia 76 38 86
8 Boston 75 37 84
9 Washington 76 37 82
10 Buffalo 75 35 81
11 Florida 76 36 81
12 Toronto 76 35 80

Here's a look at this week's games and some completely plausible outcomes:

Tuesday March 25

  • senators beat Sabres (in Buffalo)
  • Hurricanes beat Capitals (in Carolina)
  • Leafs beat Bruins (in Toronto)
  • Rangers beat Flyers (in New York)
  • Panthers beat Lightning (in Tampa)

Thursday March 27

  • Maple Leafs beat Bruins (in Boston)
  • senators beat Sabres (in ottawa)
  • Capitals beat Lightning (in Tampa)
  • Panthers beat Thrashers (in Florida)

Friday March 28

  • Devils beat Flyers (in New Jersey)
  • Canadiens beat Sabres (in Buffalo)

Here's how the standings would look on Saturday morning as the Leafs prepare to play the Montreal Canadiens if these predictions come true:

Rank Team GP Wins Points
7 Philadelphia 78 38 86
8 Florida 78 38 85
9 Boston 77 37 84
10 Washington 78 38 84
11 Toronto 78 37 84
12 Buffalo 78 35 81

Those results would set the table for an exciting weekend with the following games:

Saturday March 29

  • Canadiens at Maple Leafs
  • senators at Bruins
  • Flyers at Islanders
  • Capitals at Panthers

Sunday March 30

  • Bruins at Sabres

Of course, all of this hemming and hawing over possible outcomes and how they might benefit the Leafs is moot if they don't win their two games against the Bruins. First up is Tuesday night at home on the back of another two huge back-to-back wins. If they win more people will be still dreaming.