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From The Branches

It's another in a string of must-win games for the Leafs. The kids have been doing pretty well but as the pressure mounts and the playoffs near we'll see if they can keep it up. It's just like the good old days as all of the promoted players are grabbing the opportunity by the horns.

Even better, the underperforming veterans are looking like the players that the Leafs' signed especially Mssrs. Tucker, Blake, and Kubina. Last night's game between the Islanders and Penguins offer Leaf fans a little hope that maybe the Lightning or Thrashers can knock off the Panthers or Capitals. It would be sad to see a good run by the Leafs get torpedoed because their opponents play in the worst division in the NHL.

I'll have a game day post up sometime this afternoon but until then here are some articles to read:

  • Norte was almost a Bruins fan. So it was kind of like jumping out of the fire and into the frying pan.

  • Sean cracks The Omen Code. He forgot # 5: take potshots at soccer while loving tennis(?).

  • Speaking of Cox, what number would this article be? It's gotta be 2 right? A positive article that will never happen because the Habs won't win the East.  But still...Leafs-Habs? God help us.

  • Steve is calling it: Bandwagon time! Now's when you'll start hearing the guy in IT that's never mentioned the Leafs talk about how the Leafs need two wins in regulation over Boston to keep their hopes alive. Scalpers love this part of the season.