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[Open Thread] Leafs v. Habs: Spoilers

You're probably shocked to see this post up so early in the morning. No, I am not doing today what I could put off until tomorrow. I just won't have any time tomorrow since I'll be one of almost 2,500 Toronto FC fans making the trip to Columbus to see the season opener against the Columbus Crew.

In my absence, there will be no From The Branches around mid-afternoon either. If you write something that you want to share or come across a link that you think might interest people just drop it in the comments. I'll start the sharing:

  • HF4 (nee HF33) writes an absolutely spectacular piece on the Patrick Roy situation and its effect on his legacy.

Anyway, the Leafs don't have much left to play for other than pride. Other than those two brutal games in March of 2006 the Leafs have generally been the better team, usually outshooting and outchancing the Habs by a large margin while carrying the bulk of the play. Unreal goaltending (from Huet and Aebischer and Price) has usually been the reason that the Habs have won previous games. That and Bryan McCabe mistakes. The Habs won tonight which moved them past the Penguins into first in the conference. It's bad enough that the Habs won a cup 15 years ago and that they will actually finish above the Leafs for about the 3 time in that period but they could win the Eastern Conference crown? FUCK. THAT. Saturday's game is a chance for the Leafs to salvage what little bit of pride they have left after a third straight year out of the post-season. If nothing else, they should do it for Chemmy who might end up seeing his third game this year with Raycroft between the pipes.

The Leafs owe their fans at least a win over their most hated rivals (and a win Thursday against the sens when I go see them please!) and I expect them to return to playing the loosey goosey hockey that saw them rack up a 12-4-1 record in 17 games when there was no prospect of making the playoffs. Look out Montreal, there's no pressure on these kids!

So put your links and SPG guesses in the comments and have a great weekend.



T-O-R, O-N-T, Ohhhhhhhh-ohhhhhhhhhhh-ohhhhhhhhhh TFC!