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FTB - Afternoon Edition

This is a rare afternoon edition in which I remind you that if you come across anything Maple Leaf-related that you want to share or if you write anything you can e-mail it to me and I'll put it into the morning edition. That's right, I am trying to get other people to do my job that I do for free.

Also, Mats is this week's first star. I guess that after him turning down the honour to let others enjoy it for so long that the NHL finally decided to force it on him.

And finally, here's Working Class Howard's latest article. It's the usual fare, and by that I mean not good at all, but this line made me laugh:

First, the Leafs have again ventured far beyond any position that will land them a top draft choice this spring.

Aside from pointing out that if the season ended right now the Leafs could win the lottery and draft 3rd overall I'd refer WCH to the NHL standings that show that solitary wins by Edmonton or St. Louis would bump the buds to 26th in the NHL and two wins by Atlanta and Florida would further move the Leafs to 28th. Hardly 'far beyond' a playoff position. Is it nit-picking? Sure, but if Howard could use or had a better grasp on the English language it wouldn't be left to me to correct him. Basically, it's his fault as well as that of his readers. If they just stopped reading his column.