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[Recap] Leafs 3 at Capitals 2: Lazy Monday FTB Edition

For one magical period on Saturday it looked like the Leafs were going to get run out of the building by the Capitals. The Leafs were second best to most pucks and seemed a stride behind the opposition. Then a funny thing happened (at least, opposing fans are laughing) and the Leafs woke up. The next two periods were things of beauty as the Leafs hustled as never before, won races to pucks, scored timely goals, and came away with a win. They sure got hit hard though.

Here are some things to read to help the morning go by. The Devils are up Tuesday night and yours truly will be in attendance hoping to put an end to this near-miracle run while cheering madly after every goal.

  • Sean sorts out the blame for The Deadline Day That Wasn't. At least the fans got 0 blame.

  • Toronto Mike reminds us that real Leaf fans will do anything to have the Leafs win the Stanley Cup. Mike Myers is fulfilling his master plan with The Love Guru. They were filming scenes at the 7-1 Carolina thrashing early in the season. It probably helped to avert a riot.

  • Norte reminds us that despite all of the talk of high draft picks that they are certainly no guarantee of success. Look at all of those late draft picks. Fletcher might have picked up the next Ray Bourque or Patrick Roy at the deadline. Sure.

  • Steve points out that the lines of communication are not exactly open over at good ol' MLSE. Oh and why is there no media frenzy around Maurice? I say because the media is aiming higher than the coach. Enjoy your last 15 games Space Cowboy!

  • BudBlog looks at the final 15 games of the season. I don't know about anyone else but that certainly looks more like a team that holds their fate in their own hands as opposed to basically mathematically eliminated. If only the Leafs had a double header scheduled for Montreal this week.

  • James Mirtle takes a detailed look at the draft lottery and confirms that the Leafs are absolutely f%^#$*g themselves over. Oh, and his playoff push says that the Leafs have to go 12-3 to make the playoffs.

  • Mike W unearths a great video of drunken Leaf fans on the GO train. I have heard that in Edmonton the drunk fans on the LRT debate monetary policy and the economic benefits of a new downtown arena. Things are just better out in Oil Country. Except for that whole first round pick to Anaheim thing.