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Sometimes the morning highlights are better when the Leafs are not on them. Sure, when they win I like watching them on as many different channels as many times as possible much to the chagrin of my roommate. When the Leafs lose I tend to avoid the talking heads for the most part. This morning was one of those fun times even though the Leafs didn't play. The Habs' Franchise Saviour blew their game against the Sharks and the senators faced their demons while their fans were spared the entire game. Awesome. Anyway, hopefully the good times continue as a Leafs' loss combined with some wins could help them make some serious headway down the draft ladder. Here's some stuff to read:

  • Glove tap to The Omen for pointing this out but Chris Simon is a blogger! Sounds like he is a maniac with a heart of gold. Somewhere in there I think Hollywood could write a script. Stompin' Mad: The Chris Simon Story. Ok, it would be a made-for-tv movie.

  • Steve looks at the future of goaltending in the Northeast Division. Pogge looks great compared to how Price was doing last year. I can't wait for Pogge to turn out to be better than Tuukka Rask. Please God give me that.

  • Speaking of Steve, he's here again going against the boss. The Leafs were a better hockey team than Tampa last year but the Bolts' ridiculous shootout record got them into the playoffs. No more shootout please and that has absolutely nothing to do with the Leafs' ineptness in them. I swear.

  • Sean has a special way of making me depressed in the mornings. I agree with all of that but Mats. He was sent here by his heavenly father to complete his mission and the King of Kings has chosen the most improbable season in which to do it. Right? That has to be the explanation for this run of success.

  • Greener, the originator of the Messiah-speak for Mats, points out how lucky the NFL and Formula 1 have been that Mats decided to focus on hockey.