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When JFJ was originally fired I thought that keeping Paul Maurice was an ok idea. None of his assistants are deserving of a head coaching spot and there was no one to replace him with but where was the harm in keeping him around until the new GM could hire his own coach? Well the harm is pretty clear now that he is apparently completely against giving the Leafs' kids any ice time. Against the Devils, Kris Newbury was the only Leaf that showed any willingness to finish his checks properly. How much ice-time did he get? 2:36. Other highlights: Jiri Tlusty - 6:28, Jeremy Williams - 2:43. The numbers against Washington:  Newbury - 2:53, Williams - 4:12, Earl - 4:14. Against Tampa: Newbury - 3:11, Earl - 5:17, Williams - 8:18.

If the Leafs were making an ill-advised playoff push behind the increased contribution of young players then, when it inevitably fails, we could point to their development to assuage the pain of losing a shot at a top 5 draft pick.

Anyway, check these posts out:

  • MF37 with the inspiration for my post.

  • PSC looks at just how bad Andrew Raycroft has been this year. Yikes.

  • Sean continues to strive to make as many Leaf fans as possible slit their wrists. He highlights the real number that matters with regards to the playoffs. Want to know what makes it even worse? If the Southeast Division winner's total falls below the 8th place team's total then you might as well add another team to the chasing pack.

  • PSC disagrees with Sean. Fight! Fight! Fight!

  • Godd Till looks at the media in Montreal. Conclusion: it also sucks.

  • LeafFanInVan beat me to it: Kilger suspended by the Panthers. I am seeing a tonne of searches looking for information about Chad Kilger but I don't have any beyond hoping that it's nothing serious and it gets cleared up.

  • Dave Shoalts looks at the possibility of the Leafs hiring a President AND a GM. Personally, I thought that was the plan the entire time. Those candidates he mentioned are terrible though. Don Meehan? (expletive deleted) him. He convinced CuJo to leave for Detroit.