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[Recap] Leafs 8 v. Bruins 2: FTB Edition

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Wow. In the words of John Tortorella, that was a shit-kicking. It sure helped that the Leafs picked up 3 goals via the extremely lucky break play. What would have helped more, in the larger context, would have been to see those breaks come during some of the overtime games that the Leafs have lost this year.

The game started so promisingly too. Ian White stupidly charged out of position to turn a tight angled 2 on 1 into a one-on-one between Schaeffer and Toskala. I frequently argue with the guys that I play soccer with on Monday because they will do the same thing. I try to explain to them that we are better off letting guys play around on the wings as long as you control the front of the net. Based on that play, I'd be barking at White all day.

The turning point came when a penalty was called against the Bruins at the end of Mats' line's shift for the second time. That resulted in the Tucker-Stajan-Blake line being tossed out to start the PP. They had already shown some flashes of quick puck movement and most importantly actual physical movement on their first chance. This time they knotted the score at ones when Blake slammed home a rebound. This PP unit offers a stark contrast to the Sundin-Antropov-Wellwood unit. It pursues the puck much better so that if it loses control of the disc it is much more likely to recover it.

Poni broke the deadlock with a ridiculously good wrist shot and showed a bit more of the skill that is bubbling under the surface. Once McCabe's errant pass went into the net Tim Thomas and I knew that the game was over. The Flyers managed to eek out a win over the Lightning but based on the last few games I think it's much more likely that the Bruins will be the ones to miss the playoffs. Onto the links:

  • The King of Kings played in his 1300th game and managed a goal and two assists but for some reason Cherry doesn't like Mats. PSC highlights an incident that deserves mentioning. How we let Grapes impugn Mats' competitive spirit is beyond me but I feel a little bit of shame.

  • Steve predicts doom for the Leafs in their home-and-home against the Flyers. I have to agree with him. I am already having post-tramautic stress disorder flashbacks to the 2004 playoffs in Philly.

  • Remember when the Leafs were tough? Sean sure does. He quantifies just how soft the Leafs have become on a five point scale just to hammer home the difference between this team and all of the Leafs teams from the past two decades when

Ever since the excellent Kordic for Courtnall deal, the Leafs have ranged from adequately tough to downright nasty for almost two decades, culminating in the 2002-4 era squad that would occasionally jump into opponent's benches or try to kick guys in the head during fights. Or, as we call it in Toronto, "the glory years".

How Poppin' Fresh Wellwood didn't get his own category is beyond me. Sadly, the rest of the list in bang on. I weep for the poor Leafs.

  • Greener compares Julien to turkey meat. His neck kind of looks like the rooster flap.

  • CW provides all of the day's articles about the Leafs.

  • The Omen illustrates just why his 'blog' isn't a blog but just a dumping ground for ridiculous inflammatory articles meant to increase The Red Star's internet numbers. Forget the inanity of the article, enjoy the hilarity of the comments. If he didn't censor and approve every comment then he wouldn't have 35 of 71 comments pointing out that each year's lottery is an independent statistical event. 18 of the other comments mock the first 35 for being math nerds while the other 18 mock those 18 for being Habs fans and having a natural fear of numbers...and hygiene.