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[Open Thread] Leafs v. Devils: Flashback

So much about this season has been a flashback to the two previous. From the unrealized expectations to the inconsistent play to the inevitably futile and heartbreaking push for the playoffs. Tonight the Leafs get a flashback to Tuesday night as they host the Devils again.

The official preview highlights just how difficult it has been for the Leafs to solve Martin Brodeur this year. If they put in the same tame effort in front of goal as they did on Tuesday then it won't come as any surprise if they once again can't find enough offence to get past New Jersey.

Paul Hunter looks at this season's biggest busts. In an attempt to spread the wealth only three Leafs were included rather than 20. Raycroft is the one that stings. 2-8-4?!? 4.07 GAA?!?! Pogge likely could have done better and that would be the difference between this 6 (and really 8 because Philly has a game in hand) point gap and being in the playoffs. I am not sure whether I should hate him or thank him.

Before the game make sure to read about MF37's call from the Mother Corp and remember that story the next time you read 'fan reaction' pieces in the media. Here is the money quote:

The radio guy wanted to know what I thought of the Habs being ranked on top. I told them I was happy Hab fans were back on the bandwagon and that it wasn't a surprise that with the Habs challenging for top spot in the east, their fans would be ranked #1.

So much for journalistic integrity.

Anyway, if you manage to read this before the game, put up your SPG guesses and for fun try to imagine how many shots the Leafs will take.