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From The Branches - Schadenfreude Edition

I'll have a post up expanding on this thought this afternoon but the best part of the playoffs (when you're not in them) is watching the teams you hate suck. It's that much better when a former player helps your rivals along the road to elimination like Gary Roberts did last night.

  • Montreal fans rediscover their love for their team. Indisputable proof that they are bandwagon fans. Enjoy the disappointment ladies.

  • Chemmy loves Gary Roberts. Who doesn't?

  • It's certainly not Greener. Gary Roberts sheets? They'd go well with my Wendel Clark footsie pyjamas.

  • Ok, so Sherry hates Gary Roberts. Let the rage of Senators Lost Cojones wash over you like warm sunshine on a beatiful May afternoon. I am just sad that we'll only get four games of this.

  • Leafs at the Worlds? Thank God Sweden picked Stralman or it would have been singular. Apaprently Stajan is on Team Canada's radar but only if all first round games go to 15 games.

  • Three more games! and the sens are done. I LOVE those numbers.