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ECQF Game # 1: Cigarettes For Everyone

Well, if that ending wasn't an Ovechgasm then I don't know what will happen to Washington when we see one. What an absolute incredible ending to the game. As soon as he made the first pokecheck I jumped forward in my seat "Oh my God" and then the room erupted as he lifted the next defenceman's stick and waited out Biron before roofing it. Just unreal. How awesome is he? PSC has a link to his body of pugilistic works.

Of course, let's spare a thought for Patrick Thoresen, aka Magni Thoresen, and his incredibly painful injury. Hopefully, if the surgery is required, he'll be okay. It reminded me of Brent Tully, of the Peterborough Petes, who once scored an empty net goal off of the same area. Incredibly, despite the obscurity, someone else remembered that game. Anyone here?

Anyway, JP has the definitive recap of last night's game. It was tough sledding getting to all of the playoff hockey last night but we managed to see all three great endings including the senators falling behind 2-0 to the Penguins. Matt P has the Philadelphia point of view or at least part of it. I managed to trawl the depths of Flyer message boards to bring you a beauty comment from bullflyer

that was a ****ing disgrace.
Let's go up 2 goals, dominate the caps......and then, guess what,
let's just **** the bed and make sure the caps win.

a ****ing disgrace.

Oh and by the way.....we will ****ing hate this team very quickly....what was up with the circle jerk after they scored on the power play?
are you ****ing kiddin me jumping all over eachother after a goal?

And finally, the love fest with AO is over....he runs everyone on the ice....
somebody needs to take him out.

To his credit, those stars were put there by him.

So, the first game of cheering for the Caps sees a team lose their way after a good start, a spirited third period comeback and then a magnificent play by the team's leader to get the win. It's just like watching the Leafs...pre-lockout. Although, once again, our local contrarian Sean can't put his head down and join the pack ;) Man, his wife sounds awesome. I second jared's inquiry about any sisters.

Game two goes Sunday on NBC so load up on the cigarettes and prepare for another Ovechgasm.