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Caps v. Flyers: Lazy Sunday Edition

What does an early Liverpool game plus a morning viewing of No Country For Old Men (Worst.Ending.Ever) equal? A game day thread an hour before puck drops. If by some fluke you make it by drop off your SPG guesses. How big is this game for the Capitals? The Score tells me that they have lost 12 of 18 playoff series when they have won game 1. That is utterly ridiculous considering the mental advantage that a game 1 win should give you. The Capitals have obviously dealt with adversity really well this year but I think a win today would help ease the shock of most of the team's first road playoff game. Especially since it's in Philadelphia and fans visiting the Spectrum from the Washington area won't be able to write recaps  like this unless their hospitals have voice recognition software.

Go Caps!