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From The Branches - Schadenfreude Is Fun

Via Dr. Mirtle the Canucks fired their General Manager for being inept. The list of signings that James compiled outlines what a terrible GM he was during his 4 year stint. The Canucks' prospects are ranked fourteenth by Hockey's Future and, shock of shocks, they have no forward depth in the talent pool. Even the great trade for Roberto Luongo is misleading because Keenan clearly wanted to trade him to the farthest team from Miami.

As a Leaf fan my first reaction was to laugh at Nonis' sad babyface. My next reaction was to swear because I immediately wondered if that meant that the Canucks were going to take a run at Brian Burke. Of course, that was the angle that TSN played while others created a wishlist of candidates. Bill Watters was on the radio this morning suggesting that Vancouver's ownership was too fond of their nickels to ever splash out the cash for a big name like Burke but it is definitely not good news to know that there is another team in the race. This is where MLSE's DEEP pockets have to come into play. As in, they should splash out the cash not abuse their position to gain more.

Here are some more links:

  • Sean, Leafs Nation's spy in Ottawa, finds an objective article in the local papers. I have Ripley's on line 1.

  • Eyebeleaf wants to see Avery in the lineup. It's undoubtedly true that the Rangers are a better team with him in the lineup. He works hard and everyone in the league hates him. If the Leafs weren't rebuilding it would be tempting to add him to a team of veterans that could control him (more or less) but a team of kids? No need having that influence rub off on them.

  • Greener has an idea for next year's senators banner. It will hopefully feature old 'Leonidas' like last night's opening skit did.

  • Mirtle with more on the ticket scandal that rocked MLSE. I ignored this story because there are only so many enraged screeds in these fingertips and I want to save them for the product on the ice. These clowns should have been strung up by their thumbs.

  • Neate Sager compares this scandal to a similar one that rocked the Cubs. He also explains why only the Toronto Star is chasing such a massive story. Hint: Corporations don't rat out their friends.