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ECQF Game 3: Caps at Flyers

Looks like former Leaf Bruce Boudreau (I actually watched a bit of a game on LeafsTV in which he featured) is ringing the changes after a disappointing effort at home in game two. Tarik El-Bashir has the lineup changes, four of them, and the projected lines which are as follows:


From what I have seen these lines are well balanced. The top two lines will have to do a lot more five on five than they did in game two. Thirteen shots on goal at even strength won't cut it unless Raycroft disguises himself as Martin Biron. I don't appreciate Jason Blake's shoot first, shoot second, shoot as soon as you cross the blueline policy but thirteen shots?

Speaking of Martin Biron, JP takes a look at both goalie's body of work thus far complete with a graphic of the location of the goals. Huet definitely has to step up his game (some of those shots are little long) but the Capitals definitely need to make life a little more difficult for Biron.

Speaking of a difficult life, Matt P. reports that Patrick Thoresen might be back in the lineup tonight. Magni even said he'd block another shot. That's impressive. With an injury that bad I'd assume that deep down he might be a little gunshy.

One thing to keep an eye on will be on the matchups that the Flyers get out on the ice against Ovechkin. According to Time On Ice, a great site, Ovechkin got a steady diet of Kimmo Timmonen and Braydon Coburn. I would assume that would stay the same since those are the Flyers best skaters on the back end.

So, the first road playoff game for Ovechkin and the rest of the Kiddie Korps. Taking the crowd out of the game is paramount. The Flyers in the playoffs can get on a roll like few teams when their rink is going crazy. A little better show from the powerplay could go a long way towards silencing the cheesesteaks but the lineup changes better lead to more effort five on five if the Capitals are going to take the lead in the series again.

As always, toss in your SPG guesses (First shot, penalty, and goal for the Capitals) and hopefully Donald Brashear doesn't score first again.