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Caps 3 at Flyers 4 (2OT): Heartbreaking and Mindbending

I have to say that following this series has given me a new level of hatred for the scum in Philadelphia. If it's not Danielle Briere diving or punching players from behind a linesman then it's Joffrey Lupul laying dirty headshots or Hartnell and Upshall running Huet.

Sadly, that loss last night probably marks the end of the Capitals first foray into the playoffs but they can at least hold their heads up high because they 'pushed back' as Mike Green put it last night. They set the tone of the game and never backed down despite the Flyers best cheapshots. Viktor Kozlov played an absolutely great game. He looked like Antropov after he discovered that he is actually enormous. He was consistently dangerous and nigh on impossible to separate from the puck. Needless to say, Huet was unreal in net.

Unfortunately, as Mike outlines, the referees didn't take their game up to the next level in this post-season. Junior sums up my own rage (and that says a lot about just how angry actual Caps fans must be):

I'm sorry, but the guy who should be MOST embarrassed in these playoffs (aside from Milan "Here's Your Complimentary Offensive Opportunity, Sir" Jurcina) is Stephen Walkom, the NHL's Director of Officiating.  I find the officiating to be profoundly inconsistent - game to game and even within games.  It's an embarrassment to the game, it's frustrating for the fans and I can only imagine how annoying it is to the players, who just cannot get a handle on what exactly is going to be called.  

Seeing Hartnell hit Huet before the first goal or the interference by Knuble before he scored go unpunished was just too much. As Mike wondered, do the refs ever feel any shame when they see Bradley bleeding on the bench?

And while I agree with pucksandbooks assessment of the value of this experience (see: Penguins, 2008 Pittsburgh) I don't think that this series is over. In addition to the gutless wonders of Briere, Richards, and Carter (remember your swim caps ladies) the Flyers also have some gaps in playoff experience. A win tomorrow afternoon will put some doubts in the goons' minds. Do not go softly into the night Capitals!

Linky Goodness

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